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Zapya app for Android

Zapya is a free program with which you can share different files between mobile devices using Wi-Fi. The advantage of app is that Zapya cross-platform program and runs on Android, IOS and Windows.

The functionality of the program allow you to transfer individual files and entire folders of supported speeds of up to 5 MB/sec. If you wish, you can organize groups up to 5 people and share in her files.

Opportunities Zapya:

Cross-platform, supported on Android, IOS, Windows.
– Small app size (under 5 MB).
– Speed up to 5 MB/sec , a 1 minute transfer, 120 pictures, 30 songs or 1 HD video.
– Good separation of files into categories.
– Ability to transfer an entire folder.
– The opportunity to join in a group up to 5 people and share each other files.
There are several multiplayer online games in the program.zapya-for-android

Usage tips for users of Android devices:

– For sharing files between two devices you must make sure that both devices are running Android and both devices are Zapya.
– Open the app on both devices, Add the user by clicking > (customize avatar).
– On the same device, in the upper right corner click on connect to friends and then hit “Create group”.
– On the other device click the “Find and join” then select the required user.
– After this you need to select any application/file and press the “Send”button.


Zapya for Android is considered to be one of the fastest programs for cross-platform publication. Helps more than 100 million users to solve their problems.

The Zapya app can transfer photo, music, video, and other types of files from one device to another device without using mobile network routers or Wi-Fi. The content is duplicated directly from phone to phone at 128 times faster than Bluetooth!

The program Zapya an impressive fan base – over 100 million users. Zapya is more innovative than Bump the AI is much faster. Although Zapya doesn’t limit the amount of uploaded content, I advise you to take responsibility for what you publish.

Suggest you to install the app on your device to quickly exchange files.

Download Zapya for Android free.

Download Zapya from Google play

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