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Xender app is one of the most popular application for transferring files. With its help you can easily exchange data between different devices, both stationary and mobile.

Xender: Transfer files – program with the help of which every user in a simple way will be able to connect your device with others. Thanks to the integrated interface, you can easily create your desired network and connect back a certain number of machines.

Share files will be very easy, because the transfer will be made through wireless networks at a maximum speed. The program has a very convenient option to scan a QR code. In this code, encrypted all network data, so they do not need to be entered manually.

At the time of writing he had about 400 thousand evaluations and more than 10 million downloads from Google PlayXENDER DOWNLOAD FOR ANDROID

Just scan the QR-code, the program will decode and connect automatically using the received data. Such unique options that distinguish this program from the rest. So that is what a lot of owners appreciate this app and constantly used it to transfer the required number of files. With this program you no longer have to bother with cables and connectors. Came the age of wireless networking, so feel free to download this app and start using it already today.

Also there is a unique opportunity to link between Android devices and Apple. You will agree that these unique capabilities deserve respect. In the program settings, you can always find all the adjustments that you will need to do quality work. With the help of experienced users will be able to fine-tune the network and to transmit the desired amount of information.

Xender app: Transfer files – just an incredibly handy application for file transfers between different devices. This program contains a huge number of opportunities to connect seemingly not connected things.

Unique  “Xender app for android” is the real discovery for those who have several mobile phones or wants to copy your phonebook from one model to another. The application has a nice interface, work in it will not be a big problem. But having a browser on your phone you can share files with friends and family at any time of the day or night.install xender

Features Xender app:

  • The ability to transfer all contacts, files, pictures, music, videos, even apps!
  • Extremely fast (up to 50 times faster than Bluetooth) – in a matter of seconds You will transfer pictures from the party Your friends in seconds!
  • Group sharing is supported to up to 5 devices at the same time! And You can send and receive files without re-establishing connection!
  • Supports cross platform transfer and sharing between Android and iOS devices.
  • “Phone replicate”, a feature that simplifies your life when You change your phone. With this phone You can choose to replicate some or all data from phone (contacts, apps, files, images, music, videos) with Your phone to your new phone in just a few simple clicks.
  • “Connect PC” upgraded to “Xender for PC (WeLine) and allows You to transfer files between phone and computer.
  • Try the function “Slide” picture transfer, which allows incredibly easy to move files from one device to another.
    Using the “share” function, You can easily share and install Xender to Your friends.
  • Cool features like to have someone or throw someone out of the group.

Overall, Xender for android on all counts and leaves very pleasant impression. This application can be considered one of the best tools for multi-platform data services available on Android.
Attention! The only condition Xender – the program must be installed on both the sending and on the receiving device.

To download Xender: Transfer files to the Android from the link below

Download Xender from our site

Download Xender Google play

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