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NEW VERSION! The game “Pokemon GO” the game became the loudest event of the summer. Immediately after the release, the game has attracted the attention of the world’s largest media because of the events that occur around her. And all this is possible due to its unusual gameplay that forces players to sit in one place, as in all the other games, but rather to lead an active lifestyle. The fact that “Pokemon” was created using augmented reality technology. Game developers have dabbled in this before, but nothing special over the years did not. To “Pokemon GO“, of course.

This is where we fight, and what is most interesting, with real players. However, in battles to participate will not be us, and our animals, which will need to consistently pump, because the more abilities they have, the higher our chances of victory.


In terms of quality Pokemon GO just perfect – worked out all the elements, so to complain about absolutely nothing. The gameplay though not quite unique, but you get used to it from the first minute of the game – no the question did not arise. Moreover, the gameplay in the project creates an interesting atmosphere, you might say, addictive.

A very important moment in the game is that for the battles in real time you need to purchase a wristband, and what it is about this band, not about some “thing” in the game – however, the developers, the price has not really overestimated, besides, if you are not interested in the battles in real time, from purchase and all you can give.pokemon-go

Characters a lot – which you will have a pet, decide for your self. Another game feature is the ability to create a team. If you don’t want to fight alone with the enemy, then dial a group of players, and then start, so to speak, a small mass of battle – they will be even more interesting.

You will not achieve victories in the event, if your character doesn’t develop and development system in the game is built quite efficiently, so literally after every second or third fight is necessary, so to speak, to “upgrade” your character, because our enemies are developing, getting stronger than us, and that to allow in any case impossible.


Because of this, there was a lot of curiosities. People are so addicted to catching pokemon that often wander into places where it is better not to meddle. For example, in abandoned houses, dark alleys and even in protected areas. You’ll need to understand on the nose — if the game notifies you if there’s a pokemon in the police station, he better stays there, otherwise you risk to stay there for long. Although, if the pokemon is really rare, it is possible to take the risk… but I never told you that!pokemon-download

After the wild pokemon was caught and put in pokebol, you can begin training and pumping. To do this, too, can be on the street. Over time, your pokemon can go into a new stage. Usually wild pokemon go are in the early stages, and gain new skills they can only in the talented hands of their trainers.

What about the graphics? It is most you will appreciate the gorgeous animation – it is especially during battles. A lot of bright colors, however, in the cartoon they too countless. They did not bother, on the contrary, beauty is a huge “plus” of the project. What is the result? This is probably the only themed game dedicated to pokemon, which got so much attention from the users. And this is not surprising, a worthy project.

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