PokeMesh – the best assistant in catching pokemon

PokéMesh is the pokemon radar that scans the nearest areas in real time finds all the pokémon that can be caught. Because of this you will always know exactly where the pokemon, and you don’t have to walk up and down the streets in aimless quest.

This app shows the exact location of pokemon, all next pokescope and sports halls with blue and yellow dots. As soon as on a street, will appear in pokemon, you will see a corresponding icon, which will specify its type, name, and how much time is left before his disappearance. Thus, even sitting on the couch at home, you will know exactly where you can catch pokemon, which you so long waited.pokemesh

One of the main factors of the app is that it focuses only on the closest areas, so you will be able to catch all the pokémon around you. In addition PokéMesh includes a list of all the pokemon in the game and allows you to note which should be displayed on the map – so you don’t have to spend time on those pokemon, you don’t need. You can even create alerts, whereby the app will notify you as soon as your desired pokemon will appear somewhere nearby. Catch them all with this app and become one of the best catchers of pokemon.

The application also contains a built-in tool check and IV attack pokemon. It’s incredibly convenient! You no longer need to catch the pokemon to learn these settings – now it is enough to choose a pokémon on the map, click on the menu item “Encounter” and you will be able to see IV pokemon, its attack and height/weight.

The application includes a quick filter to the rarity of the pokemon. You can choose any pokemon to show up on the map – from the most common to very rare. And want a more flexible configuration of the display of pokémon – you can use it.

Alert application is extremely catchy, user-friendly, customizable – here Niantic also has a lot to learn.

And last (but not least) feature is the blend mode. The overlay works with any displays, in any position of the screen – including in the background.pokemesh-for-android

PokeMesh – working card pokemon in real time, which has the following functions:

  • Address bar for quick navigation through the map
  • Timer “despawn” for each pokemon on the map
  • Run the scan in any location on the map
  • Customizable alerts on pokemon (even if the screen is locked)

Pokedex that you can use to:

  • to learn more about any pokemon

-check in when you saw a certain pokemon in the last time

-choose pokemon that you want to be alerted

– to remove players from the map

  • The blending mode for use with games
  • Selection of different icons to display pokémon
  • Display Gamow and pokemon on the map (also displays the level of the GIM and its defenders)
  • Quick and custom scan
Pokemon Go Game For Android

Do not use to log in PokeMesh real account better register an account with PTC. It takes less than a minute – but it would protect your main account from being banned. Can also add additional accounts so that the full scan runs more quickly.

The application is optimized for smartphones, not for tablets. The application contains advertising. The app requires an active Internet connection and GPS.

Download PokeMesh for Android for free

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