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Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is a reliable defender of your smartphone

The app, which will be able to protect your phone from viruses and will protect your data from intruders? If the answer is Yes, then we are able to offer you a new antivirus Avast Mobile Security Antivirus, which is suitable for phones and tablets.

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Features of this application will interest anyone who has ever faced with incorrect operation of the device. Often, the owners of smartphones and tablets with Internet access one way or another, need effective antivirus. But Avast Mobile Security Antivirus is not only antivirus, is a real find! Thanks to the wide Arsenal of useful features your phone will be safe not only from viruses but also from intruders. Consider the same basic features Mobile Security Antivirus.

For anybody not a secret that in the age of information technology devices are increasingly suffering from malware. But with Mobile Security Antivirus is not a problem, now you have reliable protection from more than 3 000 different viruses.

In addition to protecting against viruses, you can also use the feature to block unwanted calls and SMS messages. For users who need to protect important data, there are several useful features. Service anti-theft will help you to lock or clear data from your gadget, in the event of loss or theft. If you do not wish for anyone to go through your account in some social network such as Facebook, Whatsapp, using Avast Mobile Security Antivirus you can block access to these applications.


Menu app Mobile Security Antivirus is quite simple, but with some features of the application you will have to deal. Overall, the decor is identical to the PC version of the style, with similar partitions, and principle of operation.


As mentioned above, the functionality of the application exceeds all expectations, therefore, to assess the necessity of certain functions to have you. When you run the application, you will be offered to scan your device for any virus files. Then you can move on to reading the menu. In the menu you can find the application Manager, which will give you complete information on the status of the applications, characteristics, presence of advertising and the flow of traffic.

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It is also worth to deal with the function of anti-theft. This service is installed separately, but not worth the money. Service anti-theft you can protect your phone from theft using the SMS alert. In the section blocking call and message you are able to edit the possibility of making calls on your devices by creating groups of contacts and the establishment of special regimes.

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